I am very honoured to recieve
my very first Award
~Thursday 16 April 1998~

Wow! My 2nd Award. Thank you, Emmy
~Monday 4 May 1998~

Thank you Zee Webb Goddess for this Award.
~Wednesday 6 May 1998~

I'm on a roll here. WOOHOO! Thank you
Handsome Stranger for my 4th Award.
~Saturday 23 May 1998~

Sweetie, thank you for another award.
I am truly blessed by your recognition.
~Wednesday 3 June 1998~

I got to thank me for helping myself
to this award...hehehe! Anyone out there
wants one, click on the award and, go help
yourself. The homepage is excellent, BTW.
~Friday 5 June 1998~

This beautiful award touches me deeply
for the fact, it has been awarded
to me by my wonderful sis' on the net.
Thank you Dear Chana. Wuv you, sis.
~Saturday 18 July 1998~