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Hello again!  Come in and make yourself comfie.
And, thank you for coming this way.
(up-dated Friday 19 Feb 1999)

Did I mention that I'm Kinny?
Well, I am! *L* This is a lil' bio
of who I am. I am married with
4 teenaged kids, 2 of each. The girls
been the oldest. I work for the biggest
company, probably in the world. It's the
Intellectually Handicapped Society
and, there's roughly, a staff-level of
3000+ in N.Z, alone. I currently look after
5 adult handicapped clients and give support
to another client, who is pretty
much, self-sufficient.

Back To The Beginning!!

I was bought-up in a little
wee place called Torere. My dad
owned a dairy farm so, you could say,
I was a lil' bumpkin gal! *L* By the time
it came for me milking the cows, I would try
and do my best to handle those crazy cows
but, sheeeesh when they started to kick
and poo everytime I prepared their udders
to be cupped, that was it!! No way I was
going to put up with that!! They scared the
hell out of me!! *L* I preferred
to stay home and help mum cook and clean
the house. Along the way, 3 additions
came into our lives. The first was the
birth of our baby brother Brendan, now 25 yo.
It was real awesome having a bubba in the
house and we use to spoil him rotten. The next
was when my sister had her twins Dion and Lisa
now, 24yo. Another joyful time. Mum and dad
bought-up the twins as our sister was still
in the Air Force. It was really neat teaching
these 3 bubba's how to crawl, walk and talk.
I was apart of their lives for the next
3 years before I left to seek fortune
and fame in the big smoke *L*

Diving for sea-food played
a major role in our family. Mmmmm muscles,
kina's, crayfish,paua's!! Yummy!
Looking back to the farm life, I
have no regrets. My childhood has very fond
memories that will stay with me forever.
My dad was a wonderful, witty, fun-loving yet,
wise man. He taught me alot about life in
general, respect and who to marry! *L* Not that
I would listen to everything he said!
I guess you could say, he spoilt
all of his 6 daughters. The brothers were more
or less, mum's boys. At 15, I left home with
the mind of an older person. Dad had prepared me
for life out-side of the farm. I was ready to
conquer the world!  Bright
lights, City life, here I come!!!

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